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Written by Pastor Ray   
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Christian Police Association

13 December 2008

Dear Newton Abbot Churches

Street Pastors in Devon and Cornwall 

I have been provided your details as a point of contact for the Christian Community where you live.  If you are no longer that contact, I apologise but would be really grateful if you could pass this letter on to the appropriate person.  I am the leader of the Devon and Cornwall Branch of the Christian Police Association (CPA) and want to encourage your Christian Community to consider working with the police to bring peace & hope to your area.   

I was reading this week that St John of the Cross described mission as ‘Bringing love where love is not’.  These words are the essence of a Christian initiative called Street Pastors which you may have heard of and which is currently growing rapidly across the country.  It involves Christian volunteers within a community being trained to then patrol the streets of that town generally between 10pm and 4am at the weekends.  As they patrol they provide reassurance and help to those who may be vulnerable or in need.  You can find out much more on the Street Pastors’ website: 

There are already Street Pastors patrolling the streets of Torquay, Plymouth and Ilfracombe with the full support of local Police Commanders and indeed the Chief Constable Stephen Otter.   Where they operate there is evidence of crime falling and other benefits to both the police and the public.  Street Pastors have also been received incredibly well by members of the public, licensees and others with whom they come into contact. 

I am writing to tell you of an event members of CPA are organising on Thursday 12th February 2009 at Police Headquarters Middlemoor, Exeter.   The event is aimed at those who may be interested in seeing this initiative extend to their area.  The purpose of the day is to encourage Christians from Devon and Cornwall to catch the vision; to explain what SP’s do, and how to set up a team.  Contributors will include Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton and co-ordinators from the schemes already running. 

We would like to invite two members from churches within your community to join us for the day. The event is free and will run from 1000hrs to 1500hrs with lunch included.   As a point of contact within your community, we would be grateful if you could identify two local Christians who have a heart and interest in SP’s who would like to attend.   Please could you confirm receipt of this letter and the details of those representatives by email to the address shown above as soon as possible and in any event by Friday 16th January 2009.   We will then forward a programme and other details about the day in due course.  I really hope your community can be represented and that  this opportunity is one that sees God’s Kingdom and the light of Jesus Christ come to your streets as it is in heaven. 

May God bless you and the work you are involved in. 

Yours in Him

Roger Bartlett

Roger Bartlett

Branch leader